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Stop overpaying your carrier.  Bring our team of expert negotiators in on your behalf to save as much as 30% on your parcel costs. 

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Our team has spent over 30 years negotiating parcel contracts on both sides of the table.  We know what your rates should be and we know how to approach the carriers to get them. 

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With only two major carriers to compare, how do you know how good your rates truly are?  We combine benchmarking data with detailed analysis of your shipping operations to determine the lowest possible rates you should be paying. 

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Free Contract Evaluation

Parcel delivery with the help of shipments or freight carts has been done across the world. With the help of carrier services at contract rates established anyone can get their parcel delivered to any part of the country. To ensure a proper business process is maintained it is important to check for invoice, order entry and cost allocation of the whole process. Companies with Parcel Contract Negotiation will offer rates according to internet shipping and the cost and the time required for the complete process. Depending on various factors of the parcel shipment rates are negotiable. 


Ques: What are the things to consider when negotiating the rates of a parcel?

Ans: A lot of factors play an important role when negotiating rates, for example, origin zip code, destination zip code, freight class depending upon the shipment and the shipment weight. Factors while considering Small Parcel Contract Negotiation is the fuel prices, average shipments, and the performance of the company. 


Ques: What are the things to know before negotiating with the company?

Ans: It is important to be prepared before the negotiation, you must know the contract that includes all the terms and conditions. Check if there are any changes in the rates after a prolonged period or something as well as the minimum shipment charges. With proper parcel contract optimization, it is possible to have a great shipment that is benefitting both the client and the company.

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