SHIPRX is a global cost consulting firm that specializes in lowering UPS and FedEx rates. Experts in parcel contract optimization and parcel audit, we minimize parcel expenses and maximize revenue recovery all while giving our clients greater visibility of their entire parcel operations.


Our best in –class audit service puts your parcel invoices under the microscope to ensure that you pay only what you should pay…or we don’t get paid.


Have you taken a good look at your carrier invoices? With up to 250 data points for each shipment, the amount of information can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools.


Is your company paying too much for shipping? How would you know? We know. We’ve worked for the carriers. We’ve built the agreements. We can build yours.


Using your shipping data, we’ll pinpoint areas of waste and recommend solutions. Everything we do is designed to lower your shipping costs and streamline operations.


Because of online shopping transaction is very overwhelming in the market nowadays. The logistic gives 100% confidence to every company to experience freight cost reduction after the UPS Contract Negotiation and FedEx Contract Negotiation improve its freight cost reduction to reduce the shipping cost and to save the freight cost of FedEx and UPS contract to every company. The parcel freight negotiation team will provide higher value with quantifiable results to secure the most trusted FedEx and UPS negotiable charge.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take the cost-saving UPS and FedEx Contract Negotiation effects?

The freight negotiation audit services are very particular in determining the cost to every company on how much they can save from the new UPS Contract Negotiation and FedEx Contract Negotiation. In which they can easily determine the actual freight cost savings resulting from the freight negotiation services.

  • After the logistic negotiates the new parcel carrier agreements.
  • After determining the net shipping cost under the new contract agreements versus the former carrier contract.
The freight management of UPS and FedEx Contract Negotiation services are very systematic in which they are accountable to provide and deliver the product at the given time. That’s why they are still on the top carries all over the world because of its systematic UPS and FedEx Contract Negotiation.


CEO, Commercial Printing

We were already using another audit company when we were referred to SHIPRX.  Switching to their platform more than doubled our monthly recovery.

CFO, Electronics Distributor

We negotiated our contract by ourselves before finding SHIPRX.  When we had them take a look they found an additional $100k in savings.  

Warehouse Manager, Cosmetics

We love working with SHIPRX.  The refunds are great but their DATARX platform puts all of our carrier invoices in one place and makes reporting much easier. 

Minneapolis, MN

Fullerton, CA

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