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Over 2 Billion Dollars in Fedex and UPS refunds go unclaimed every year.  Our best in class parcel audit sofware verifies over 40 factors to make sure that you get the refunds you deserve.  Start claiming lost revenue today.

How It Works

Our software automatically catches service failures and incorrect charges

Step #1

Our team of experts handles any disputes from your carrier

Step #2

Your refunds are credited directly to your account every month

Step #3

Keep Your Shipping Costs Under Control

Our cloud based DATARX software automatically checks over 40 factors each week, ensuring you don't leave any refunds on the table.

Fast Setup, No Upfront Fee, Cancel Anytime

No credit card required, no upfront fees.  We only charge a percentage of the refunds we recover and you can cancel anytime.

Put Your Recovery on Autopilot

5 minute setup.  We upload your invoices and handle the entire refund process.  Leaving you to focus on your real job. 

E-commerce has been the latest trend in the shopping Industry. People now prefer the convenience of ordering stuff online and getting the parcel delivered within a few days. There has been an exponential growth in the parcel shipping worldwide. Companies ensure to provide logistics, for example, FedEx Audit that will surely help you get unclaimed. To ensure the parcel is shipped with the proper invoices Parcel Audit is a reviewing process that is necessary to ensure there are no service failures. Every shipment including all Small Parcel Audit must go through the review to make sure processes like tracking the delivery, refund if needed to be done to the parcel carrier.

Frequently asked questions

How does the process of refund is claimed by the auditing services?

With the help of software that detects Parcel Audit service failures like late delivery or incorrect charges are added to the logistics automatically and with the help of professional experts to make certain to handle any issues with the carrier. Furthermore, once issues are solved refunds are credited directly to the account.

What is the difference between a post-audit and Pre-audit?

There is a huge difference on the audit depending upon the credits are posted, a normal audit is generally a post-audit which are provided on the future invoices. UPS audit provides the funds that are claimed over the next invoice. Whereas certain companies provide pre-audit which provides credit appear on the respective invoices itself.

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