Your carriers do a great job, but they’re by no means perfect.
In fact, up to 5% of each and every invoice contains overcharges and mistakes.
Your clients would never tolerate inaccuracies on your invoices or if you failed to complete a project on time. And you shouldn’t tolerate that from your small package carrier.
Our best-in-class audit service puts your parcel invoices under the microscope to ensure that you pay only what you should pay.
…or we don’t get paid.
Have you taken a good look at your carrier invoices? With up to 250 data points for each shipment, the amount of information contained can be overwhelming.
Our software identifies areas of concern and waste and can help you make better supply chain decisions.
Ever feel like you’re paying too much for shipping?
How would you know?
We know.
We worked for the carriers. We built their agreements.
Now we leverage that experience to help our clients lower their shipping costs through an expert evaluation and negotiation of their pricing agreements.
Contact us for a complementary check-up! If you’re in great shape, we’ll tell you.
With 30 years of industry experience, we’ve seen a thing or two. Using your shipping data, we’ll pinpoint areas of waste and recommend solutions.
Your rates may be fine. If so, we’ll tell you!
Are you selecting the right service level, or even the right carrier?
Should you build a new DC and how much will it reduce your shipping costs by doing so?
We can answer these questions and more
…much more

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